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15000 FRAMES



Our line of business - frame manufacturing - is based on good sourcing. Our teams select the best products and manufacturers in the world, so you can have the widest possible choice and unique level of high quality.

Manufacturing 15,000 frames a day requires rigorous infrastructures and organisation. Our raw materials are stored in our warehouses, as close as possible to the production lines to optimise responsiveness.

Our quality teams control the products unremittingly. Equipped with radio-frequency devices and high-performance warehouse management software, our on-site teams prepare the raw material required for daily just-in-time production, thanks to our KANBAN system.

With a view to increasing efficiency, we have opted for the LEAN Management system.


Mouldings are a key elements in our manufacturing process for frames and mirrors. They mostly originate from Italy and are delivered in 3m-long boxes. Manufacturers are selected for their respect for nature and the quality of their products. We receive mouldings daily by lorry or boat. Our quality teams check them before storing them in a dedicated warehouse. They are immediately available in our management software for use during production.

To produce our 15,000 frames per day, we store thousands of mouldings of various shapes and colours.


CM CREATION is both a frame-maker and a publisher. Publishing implies Printing!

CM CREATION currently prints its own pictures. Quality is our watchword when it comes to visuals, so we print them in high-quality on all types of paper, as well as Plexiglas, metal, canvasses and PVC supports, although the list of possible supports grows longer every year...

Our creation capacity is huge, not only thanks to the many visuals, but also to the various supports and formats. We are able to print your pictures, simply send us a high-resolution copy!


We receive customer orders daily via EDI or email. Once validated by our customer service teams, they are processed by our production scheduling team. Scheduling helps optimise customer orders during the production process by grouping similar orders together.

This function is essential for several reasons: optimising manufacturing processes and incurred costs to ensure competitiveness on the market, even for our most innovative products; and providing high-quality services with ultra-short response times, so we can be perceived as one of the best frame- and mirror-makers by our customers.


"A traditional craft in an industrial environment". Our teams cut rods, assemble frames and fill them with a branded facing, a picture or a mirror based on the order placed.

CM CREATION strives to ensure that its teams work in the best possible conditions. A number of positions along the assembly line have been fitted with tools specially developed for CM CREATION, or have been automated. Our expert teams check all production stages, focusing on production quality.

The frame assembly position is one that requires dexterity and accuracy. It consists in gluing or stapling items to create the perfect frame or mirror. This action is repeated 15,000 times a day.

The workshop teams therefore endeavour to improve ergonomics at this workstation, and optimise it as much as possible.


Laminating is also one of our specialities!

The Laminating workshop is located in one of our largest warehouses. Our on-site teams meticulously prepare both the pictures and their supports.


The final check and coding stations are the last stages of the workshop production line. All manufactured frames are affixed with a dual purpose bar code.

Its first purpose is to ensure internal frame monitoring and tracking. We are thus able to ensure upstream and downstream traceability for all decorative products (frames, mirrors, decorative pictures) that leave our workshops.

The bar code is also used to prove that the product was manufactured and to print out all the documents required for shipping.

Only a few hours go by between the end of production and dispatch to our various customers. All our orders are manufactured and dispatched the same day. This stems from our optimised organisation, in place for the past 24 years...